Using technology to simplify child custody matters

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Keeping a family’s schedule may be quite a daunting task, but when that schedule has to be arranged around two homes, it may be even worse. Shared child custody is often the ideal arrangement for divorced Minnesota parents, but it can be difficult to keep all the different schedules aligned. Even when custody is shared, it often works out that one parent has to take on the majority of the responsibilities regarding the coordination of the child’s schedule and to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Each parent needs to be informed on what activities take place when, and who drops off and picks up their child when and where. However, modern times bring modern solutions to many problems, and even to this one. Luckily, for the modern-day parent, smartphones allow one to download a variety of apps that can make one’s life so much easier.

There are a variety of applications and tools that can make co-parenting a lot easier. In fact, there is even an app specifically designed to assist divorced families with managing co-parenting. Experts suggest that, before deciding on which app or tool to use, it is important for both parents to come on board. Then a joint decision can be made about the functions needed before searching for the ideal application and/or tools.

Good communication, to ensure everyone is in the loop, is an integral part of co-parenting. This is also true once the divorced parents have decided on the app or tools to be used. Ground rules need to be laid down in terms of how communication will take place, especially when it comes to issues that are time-sensitive and/or urgent.

There is little doubt that smartphones hold many benefits for all — and in particular, for divorced parents. It can assist to make the lives of divorcees who share child custody run a lot smoother, especially if the parties can come to an agreement on which app to use and how communication will take place. It is even possible that the Minnesota family law lawyers of the respective parties can assist in including the decisions in this regard in the final divorce agreement.

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