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High Net Worth Divorce

In any divorce proceeding, there are a number of complex legal issues that need to be addressed. In a divorce where one spouse is a business owner or executive, there can be an entirely new set of considerations that come into play. These cases often involve larger amounts and different types of property than other divorces. They require the attention of an attorney experienced in handling high net worth divorces.

Experienced in Handling High-Asset and High-Income Divorces in Minnesota

At the Saint Paul law firm of Johnson Bigelbach Law, PLLC, we have handled high-asset divorces involving marital estates in excess of a million dollars, including estates as large as $400 million. Our divorce lawyers are highly skilled at representing business owners and spouses of high net worth professionals. With so much at stake, invest in an experienced lawyer prepared to protect your personal and financial interests. Contact our Saint Paul high net worth divorce attorneys today for an initial consultation.

Ramsey County Complex Divorce Attorneys Working for You

One of the most notable aspects of high net worth divorces is property division. Determining which assets and debts should and should not be included in the marital estate, and assigning an accurate value to them, is essential to ensuring a fair and equitable distribution between the spouses.

We have access to valuation experts, forensic accountants and other specialists who can help us with the discovery of assets, business valuation and the division of complex property, including:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Stock options
  • Pensions
  • Real estate property

You will not find another law firm in this area better prepared to handle your high-asset divorce than ours.

Contact Us to Protect Your Financial Interests

Every divorce has its own set of complications, but the stakes are even higher when a substantial amount of assets are involved. At Johnson Bigelbach Law, PLLC, we know the right experts to consult when tracing hidden assets and determining the true value of your marital estate. Contact our high-asset divorce attorneys to learn how we can protect your financial interests during an initial consultation.