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February 2020 Archives

Understand Minnesota alimony laws before requesting it

When you got married, you no doubt believed your union would last a lifetime. No matter what issues transpired since then, if you later made a decision to file for divorce in Minnesota, you likely experienced mixed emotions. If you and your spouse get along well enough to settle things out of court, it might not take long to finalize the matter and begin your new lifestyle. However, if you have encountered challenges regarding property division, alimony or child custody, proceedings may take some time before a fair solution is determined.

Divorce less stressful with effective negotiation skills

In Minnesota and beyond, many households will undergo major life changes in 2020. When a spouse files divorce papers, there are typically numerous issues that must be resolved. How long that takes depends on various factors, including how well the spouses in question get along and whether they are able to peacefully settle their differences. Unless both parties are willing to negotiate a fair settlement, things can get complicated and messy in court.

Post-decree child support modifications are sometimes necessary

The Minnesota family courts consider a variety of different factors when setting a reasonable amount of child support in either a divorce or a separation of unmarried parents. The income of both parents, the special needs of any children in the family, the cost of health care and childcare and even how the courts split up your assets, such as your family home, can influence how much child support they order.

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