How school location can play a role in parenting plans

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In Minnesota, crafting a parenting plan involves careful consideration of various factors. Among these, the location of the child’s school holds major importance.

For example, co-parents should try to give their children stability while meeting their educational needs.


One of the primary considerations in determining school location within a parenting plan is proximity. Opting for a school close to both parents’ residences minimizes disruption to the child’s routine. It also allows for easier transitions between households. This proximity makes regular involvement of both parents in the child’s academic life easier. Parents are more likely to be able to attend parent-teacher conferences, school events and extracurricular activities.


Selecting a school equidistant from both residences or along a convenient commuting route can alleviate logistical challenges. Coordinating transportation arrangements ensures that the child can attend school consistently without placing undue burden on one parent.

Educational quality

Parents must prioritize the educational quality of the chosen school. Minnesota offers a diverse range of educational institutions, including public, private and charter schools, each with its unique strengths and resources. For example, about 33,000 students attend Saint Paul public schools and speak more than 114 languages. Parents should collaborate to select a school that aligns with the child’s academic needs and aspirations.

Special circumstances

Some children have unique educational requirements, such as specialized programs or services. Parents must work together to find a suitable school that can accommodate those needs. This may involve conducting thorough research, consulting with educators and specialists and advocating for the child’s best interests.

Collaborative decision-making regarding school location underscores a commitment to fostering positive growth in the child’s life.

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