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How to navigate the back-to-school season after divorce

Many Minnesota parents have just finished enjoying summer break with their kids. Most children are now back in school and those whose parents filed for divorce over summer may have some challenges ahead during the new school year. Co-parents, as well, may be unsure as to how to handle certain school issues now that they are no longer living under the same roof.

One of the best things parents can do for their kids after divorce is to show them that they have their best interests in mind. Regarding their school lives, this might mean being willing to attend meet-the-teacher night or other school events at the same time rather than trade events with one parent attending one time, with the other attending the next event. Children who know that their parents are willing to be in the same room together for their sake may have an easier time adjusting to divorce as they head back to school.

Dealing with marriage problems in the military

If you or your spouse is a military service member, you will know that the nature of service can challenge even the most resilient of relationships. Being in the military can mean that you have to deal with uncertainty about the future, and the possibility of being called on active duty can often create tension and fear in the family unit.

If you are struggling in your marriage as a military service member or as a military spouse, you must take the time to address the nature of the challenges you are facing in your relationship. By doing so, you will have a better chance of improving your marital situation for both yourself and any children that you have.

How to navigate back-to-school season after divorce

Summer break is winding down in Minnesota and most other states, and kids are heading back to school. Whether a particular household includes elementary age students, high schoolers or collegians, if parents have filed for divorce during summer break, the student or students in question may encounter numerous challenges as they return to their studies. Co-parents may have a few issues to work out, as well.

No matter what ages students happen to be, moving on in life after a major disruption is always easier if there is a strong support network in place. For those in school, guidance counselors, professors, teachers and coaches are great sources of support. Parents themselves may find it comforting to talk to other parents who have gone through similar experiences.

Career issues, abuse reportedly prompted this divorce

Many Minnesota spouses can relate to having sacrificed personal careers to support a partner's endeavors or to stay home to raise children. Such decisions can later prompt requests for spousal support if a divorce occurs. Former Guess model Sarah Mutch says she gave up a successful modeling career to be fully available to travel with her famous realtor husband, Kurt Rappaport, and to help him take care of his three children.

Mutch later decided to file for divorce, however, supposedly after learning that Rappaport was not interested in having any children with her. She says there is a signed prenuptial agreement that entitles her to receive more than $40,000 per month for half the duration of the marriage, which, in this case, would be eight months. Mutch says she has no independent funds with which to provide for her financial needs because she stopped working to support her husband's career and lifestyle.

Starting afresh after divorce

Life is definitely a series of changes. Some are exciting; others, not so much. In fact, sometimes life situations can be seem to get the better of us. Divorce is like that for many Minnesotans, which is why it's a good idea to know where to seek support and how to develop coping skills if you and your spouse decide to go your separate ways.

One of the first logical steps to take to come to terms with a divorce is to recognize that some days will be better than others. There are often strong emotions on both sides and it's always best to allow feelings to naturally unfold rather than try to sweep emotions under a rug. This is especially true where children are involved because their emotions often fluctuate, sometimes by the hour.

Ex wives of celebrities discuss divorce issues

A recent TV interview featured several women who used to married to Hollywood super stars. During the interview, they were asked questions about divorce. The ladies definitely had different opinions on certain matters. No two Minnesota divorces are exactly the same, and whether or not a particular person can relate to the issues these former wives experienced depends on the specific factors in his or her own situation.

One of the women interviewed was Camille Grammer, ex-wife of Hollywood icon Kelsey Grammer. The fact that she still carries her former husband's last name was one of the issues discussed. When asked why, she simply stated that she has two children with Grammer and did not want her kids to have a different last name than her.

Child custody trouble still brewing between Jenelle Evans and mom

Reality TV fans in Minnesota and elsewhere may be familiar with the personal problems that "Teen Mom 2" star, Jenelle Evans, has been experiencing. Evans has been entangled in a child custody battle with her mother for some time now. She and her second husband had custody for a while, then the court took Evans' children away, as well as her 11-year-old stepdaughter.

Evans says the situation has pretty much destroyed her relationship with her own mom. She and David Eason, her current spouse, recently called 911 when they were reportedly having a FaceTime session with Evans's older son and an incident erupted in the background. It seems that the parents could hear their 2-year-old daughter screaming in apparent distress.

Dealing with a jealous spouse during divorce

If you took action to file for divorce, it may have taken your spouse by surprise. Being rejected or humiliated can cause once loving people to act in unpredictable and surprising ways. You may feel that you no longer recognize the person to whom you were married, and you may even be scared of how they will react to certain situations. If this is the case, you should make sure that your first priority is protecting yourself and your family.

If your ex is exhibiting concerning or intimidating behavior such as stalking you, threatening you or turning up to your residence unexpectedly, you should consider taking out a restraining order. This will grant you additional protection and peace of mind. If you want to learn more about how to deal with jealous behavior, you should start by understanding certain characteristics that define it.

Mainstream media may help encourage victims of domestic violence

Minnesota residents likely keep up with the daily news in some form or another. Newspapers, television broadcasts and online outlets help people stay up to date on current affairs. The nation as a whole has seen a spike in reports of domestic violence, and this may be partially due to recent news coverage involving well-known people facing similar issues. 

A national hotline that provides help for domestic violence victims has reported an increase in activity over the past year. The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides several ways for a victim to seek help. A victim can call or chat online with a representative that will help the person escape domestic abuse. 

Are you prepared to help your children cope with divorce?

When family dynamics change, it often causes disruption and stress in children's lives. However, not all changes are unwelcome, and not all stress is inherently bad. For instance, if a person lands his or her dream job but has to relocate, it may cause short-term stress and disruption, but in the long run, it is a good thing. Divorce changes children's lives, and it can take some time for them to cope; nevertheless, most Minnesota children and others across the country are resilient and adaptable.

Parents' input, encouragement and support are key factors to helping kids navigate divorce and move on in life. It is crucial for a parent to realize that each child may react differently when told his or her parents are planning to sever their marital ties. Most kids are able to bounce back if their parents help them maintain a sense of normalcy, structure and routine in their daily lives.

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