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Ex wives of celebrities discuss divorce issues

A recent TV interview featured several women who used to married to Hollywood super stars. During the interview, they were asked questions about divorce. The ladies definitely had different opinions on certain matters. No two Minnesota divorces are exactly the same, and whether or not a particular person can relate to the issues these former wives experienced depends on the specific factors in his or her own situation.

One of the women interviewed was Camille Grammer, ex-wife of Hollywood icon Kelsey Grammer. The fact that she still carries her former husband's last name was one of the issues discussed. When asked why, she simply stated that she has two children with Grammer and did not want her kids to have a different last name than her.

Child custody trouble still brewing between Jenelle Evans and mom

Reality TV fans in Minnesota and elsewhere may be familiar with the personal problems that "Teen Mom 2" star, Jenelle Evans, has been experiencing. Evans has been entangled in a child custody battle with her mother for some time now. She and her second husband had custody for a while, then the court took Evans' children away, as well as her 11-year-old stepdaughter.

Evans says the situation has pretty much destroyed her relationship with her own mom. She and David Eason, her current spouse, recently called 911 when they were reportedly having a FaceTime session with Evans's older son and an incident erupted in the background. It seems that the parents could hear their 2-year-old daughter screaming in apparent distress.

Dealing with a jealous spouse during divorce

If you took action to file for divorce, it may have taken your spouse by surprise. Being rejected or humiliated can cause once loving people to act in unpredictable and surprising ways. You may feel that you no longer recognize the person to whom you were married, and you may even be scared of how they will react to certain situations. If this is the case, you should make sure that your first priority is protecting yourself and your family.

If your ex is exhibiting concerning or intimidating behavior such as stalking you, threatening you or turning up to your residence unexpectedly, you should consider taking out a restraining order. This will grant you additional protection and peace of mind. If you want to learn more about how to deal with jealous behavior, you should start by understanding certain characteristics that define it.

Mainstream media may help encourage victims of domestic violence

Minnesota residents likely keep up with the daily news in some form or another. Newspapers, television broadcasts and online outlets help people stay up to date on current affairs. The nation as a whole has seen a spike in reports of domestic violence, and this may be partially due to recent news coverage involving well-known people facing similar issues. 

A national hotline that provides help for domestic violence victims has reported an increase in activity over the past year. The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides several ways for a victim to seek help. A victim can call or chat online with a representative that will help the person escape domestic abuse. 

Are you prepared to help your children cope with divorce?

When family dynamics change, it often causes disruption and stress in children's lives. However, not all changes are unwelcome, and not all stress is inherently bad. For instance, if a person lands his or her dream job but has to relocate, it may cause short-term stress and disruption, but in the long run, it is a good thing. Divorce changes children's lives, and it can take some time for them to cope; nevertheless, most Minnesota children and others across the country are resilient and adaptable.

Parents' input, encouragement and support are key factors to helping kids navigate divorce and move on in life. It is crucial for a parent to realize that each child may react differently when told his or her parents are planning to sever their marital ties. Most kids are able to bounce back if their parents help them maintain a sense of normalcy, structure and routine in their daily lives.

Child custody petition filed regarding Nipsey Hussle's daughter

Any Minnesota resident who is an extended family member to the parent of a minor and is currently considering litigation to seek legal guardianship of the child may want to follow a recent case in another state. In March, L.A. clothing store owner, Nipsey Hussle, was shot to death. His sister has filed a petition regarding child custody of one of his children.

The 10-year-old has been in the custody of her mother. Her aunt has told the court that the biological mother is not fit to parent the child. Her deceased brother has a younger child from another woman, as well; however, the aunt has apparently not made any attempt to obtain custody of the toddler.

Devise a child custody plan that helps you avoid summer problems

No Minnesota parent is guaranteed that he or she will never encounter challenges regarding child-related issues in life. In fact, most parents will, at some point. A particularly stressful time can be summer, especially following a recent divorce. That is why it pays to implement a child custody agreement that is thoroughly written, with terms that are clearly defined.

Some parents would rather just decide where their kids are going to live and how much each parent will contribute toward financial needs. They want to sign the most basic custody plan available, say their good-byes and move on in life after divorce. However, not taking time to discuss summer months, especially if both parents work outside the home, can lead to complicated legal issues that are difficult to resolve.

When can I lower my alimony obligations?

Paying alimony, otherwise known as spousal support, can feel like a huge burden. It is likely that you are paying alimony in addition to child support, and you may also have suffered financially during the divorce settlement in Saint Paul. This is why many divorcees want to look into the possibility of lowering or putting a stop to spousal support.

It is possible to modify the spousal support agreement informally if you and your ex mutually decide to do so. However, making such agreements without the assistance of the courts can become risky, because the agreement may not be able to be enforced if one spouse violates it. If you decide to try and modify the alimony order with the assistance of Minnesota courts, the following are some common situations in which you will be able to file for a modification.

Jennifer Hudson in bitter battle over child support

Celebrities often seem larger than life; however, outside of their jobs in film or on stage, they are people like everyone else, and they have private lives that often include marriage and parenting. Also, just like non-celebrity parents, famous moms and dads often face child support and other custody problems. Minnesota fans of television singing competitions may remember the 2004 season of American Idol that began Jennifer Hudson's rise to fame. The actress and singer is currently discussing her own celebrity status and income in court because of a heated disagreement she is having with the father of her child.

Hudson was never married to her child's father. She has been outspoken about laws that allow him to use a portion of the child support payments she sends to pay for housing. She says he is perfectly capable of earning enough income to pay for his own home.

How to divorce without going broke

Before 2019 ends, many Minnesota married couples will decide to end their marriages. While current data shows that divorce is declining, it is still quite prevalent throughout the country. The reality is that there is no way to predict which marriages will last and which will not.

When someone files for divorce, it is common to feel concerned about finances. Especially if the relationship is less than civil, a person might worry that his or her ex is going to try to beat the system and gain the upper hand in property division proceedings and other issues. There are several practical ideas to keep in mind when achieving a settlement without breaking the bank is the ultimate goal.

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