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March 2020 Archives

How to avoid disputes about pets in a Minnesota divorce

When a Minnesota married couple decides to go their separate ways, they typically have numerous issues to resolve. When they have children together, there will always be a need for interaction, which is why it pays to try to achieve an agreement in as amicable a fashion as possible. The same goes for pet owners. Most states consider pets as part of property division proceedings in divorce. However, it is not uncommon for spouses and kids to think of pets as members of their family.

Child custody: Is Rob Kardashian an unfit parent?

Many divorced parents in Minnesota understand how stressful it can be to fight over their children. Child custody litigation can be quite complex and emotionally draining when the relationship between parents is contentious. Several celebrity parents have also made news headlines regarding custody disputes, such as Blac Chyna, who has claimed that she believes Rob Kardashian has mental problems that impede his ability to properly care for their child.

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