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Getting The Support Your Child Needs

Whatever the circumstances, your child support obligation can have a dramatic impact on your financial stability for years. Parents in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas need to have representation who have a clear understanding of the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines.

Having a strong advocate on your side when child support is being established is crucial. Without representation, your financial well-being and that of your child could be in jeopardy.

How Is Child Support Determined?

The court will use a formula established by the state of Minnesota to determine child support. The formula considers the following factors:

  • Each parent’s gross income (actual and potential)
  • The amount of court-ordered parenting time each parent has with the child
  • Expenses such as health care premiums and daycare costs
  • Whether either parent is a recipient of public assistance

What If I Have Unique Circumstances?

We have the experience and knowledge necessary to communicate your individual circumstances to the court. For example, it may be necessary or appropriate to request the court deviate from the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines. In cases in which one party owns a business, determining his or her gross income can be complex and requires skilled and adept analysis and representation. We take pride in treating every case with care and individual attention.

Strong Litigators To Get What Your Child Deserves

At Johnson Bigelbach Law, PLLC, our firm has the experience necessary to understand how the court will review and analyze the facts of your case.

Experienced Attorneys To Pursue Your Child Support Goals

When your child support obligation is being established, turn to Johnson Bigelbach Law, PLLC, for help that will stand by you. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our attorneys, call 612-778-1717, or contact us online.