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Child custody: Is Rob Kardashian an unfit parent?

Many divorced parents in Minnesota understand how stressful it can be to fight over their children. Child custody litigation can be quite complex and emotionally draining when the relationship between parents is contentious. Several celebrity parents have also made news headlines regarding custody disputes, such as Blac Chyna, who has claimed that she believes Rob Kardashian has mental problems that impede his ability to properly care for their child.

Preparing for child custody litigation in Minnesota? Read this

When it comes to determining where children will live, who will have decision-making authority and other important issues in divorce, every state, including Minnesota, has its own guidelines. However, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act promotes recognition and cooperation between states in order to help enforce court orders and prevent interstate child abductions. This state basically recognizes two types of custody, physical and legal.

Make teachers aware of your child custody plan

It is not uncommon for students in Minnesota schools to come from single-parent households. In fact, some kids have parents who have divorced, then remarried and divorced again. It is important for co-parents to agree on a plan for child custody exchanges, especially when a pickup or drop-off is going to take place at a child's school.

Child custody: Are you and your co-parent ready for the holidays?

Many Minnesota parents are among those across the country who have recently filed for divorce. Such situations can spark numerous challenges regarding how families spend their holidays. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and several other special holidays ahead, it pays to create a solid plan ahead of time and to get it all in writing and approved by the court. This can help avoid serious child custody problems.

Child custody trouble still brewing between Jenelle Evans and mom

Reality TV fans in Minnesota and elsewhere may be familiar with the personal problems that "Teen Mom 2" star, Jenelle Evans, has been experiencing. Evans has been entangled in a child custody battle with her mother for some time now. She and her second husband had custody for a while, then the court took Evans' children away, as well as her 11-year-old stepdaughter.

Child custody petition filed regarding Nipsey Hussle's daughter

Any Minnesota resident who is an extended family member to the parent of a minor and is currently considering litigation to seek legal guardianship of the child may want to follow a recent case in another state. In March, L.A. clothing store owner, Nipsey Hussle, was shot to death. His sister has filed a petition regarding child custody of one of his children.

Devise a child custody plan that helps you avoid summer problems

No Minnesota parent is guaranteed that he or she will never encounter challenges regarding child-related issues in life. In fact, most parents will, at some point. A particularly stressful time can be summer, especially following a recent divorce. That is why it pays to implement a child custody agreement that is thoroughly written, with terms that are clearly defined.

Child custody: Abuse allegations often complicate matters

Minnesota judges often have their work cut out to determine whether there is merit to accusations of child endangerment or abuse when a parent petitions the court for sole custody. Child custody proceedings can sometimes include issues that are black and white, and when parents agree, they simply need to workout the details of their co-parenting arrangements. Other cases are far more complicated, however, such as those involving parents accusing each other of being a detriment to a child's well-being.

NFL's Antonio Brown petitions court for child custody

Most Minnesota parents who face legal issues regarding child-related matters are not celebrities. However, some may relate to a situation that a particular sports celebrity is currently navigating. The NFL Steelers' wide receiver, Antonio Brown, has filed paperwork in court to seek sole child custody of his daughter, following an incident where he says the child's mother falsely accused him of domestic violence.

Using technology to simplify child custody matters

Keeping a family's schedule may be quite a daunting task, but when that schedule has to be arranged around two homes, it may be even worse. Shared child custody is often the ideal arrangement for divorced Minnesota parents, but it can be difficult to keep all the different schedules aligned. Even when custody is shared, it often works out that one parent has to take on the majority of the responsibilities regarding the coordination of the child's schedule and to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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