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How to avoid disputes about pets in a Minnesota divorce

When a Minnesota married couple decides to go their separate ways, they typically have numerous issues to resolve. When they have children together, there will always be a need for interaction, which is why it pays to try to achieve an agreement in as amicable a fashion as possible. The same goes for pet owners. Most states consider pets as part of property division proceedings in divorce. However, it is not uncommon for spouses and kids to think of pets as members of their family.

Divorce less stressful with effective negotiation skills

In Minnesota and beyond, many households will undergo major life changes in 2020. When a spouse files divorce papers, there are typically numerous issues that must be resolved. How long that takes depends on various factors, including how well the spouses in question get along and whether they are able to peacefully settle their differences. Unless both parties are willing to negotiate a fair settlement, things can get complicated and messy in court.

Divorce: Take one step at a time to cope

Perhaps you thought that you would be able to resolve your marital problems. If you recently learned that your spouse was filing for a Minnesota divorce, the news might have hit you like a ton of bricks.  Now, whatever you might have imagined for your future is likely to change because you will no longer be sharing a household with the same person.

Concerned about property division in divorce? Read this

When a Minnesota spouse decides to end a marriage, he or she typically hopes to resolve all related issues in as swift and amicable a manner as possible. An ultimate goal of divorce is often to settle things in court, leave the past behind and move on in life. Certain extenuating issues can complicate the process, however, such as if children are involved or if spouses failed to sign a prenuptial agreement before marrying, which is what happened in Kate Beckinsale's case.

What causes divorce and where does central litigation focus lie?

No two Minnesota households are exactly the same. Many, however, include married couples as well as married couples with children. Whether a particular relationship has lasted several decades or a couple has only been together five years or less, day-to-day stress and various issues can cause strain between spouses, which sometimes leads to divorce.

Congresswoman Omar has filed for divorce in Minnesota

Freshman U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is no stranger to having her name plastered across news headlines. Her political views and congressional activity often spark controversy. On a more personal level, Omar has once again made the news after recently filing for divorce in a Minnesota family court.

To believe or not believe: The things you hear about divorce

It is one thing to have a friend in Minnesota who shares personal stories about a recent marital breakup. However, it's quite another issue to take that divorce talk as legal advice, especially if that particular friend has no background in family law. Many people have been led astray by believing myths or accepting misguided information rather than securing legitimate legal support.

How to navigate the back-to-school season after divorce

Many Minnesota parents have just finished enjoying summer break with their kids. Most children are now back in school and those whose parents filed for divorce over summer may have some challenges ahead during the new school year. Co-parents, as well, may be unsure as to how to handle certain school issues now that they are no longer living under the same roof.

How to navigate back-to-school season after divorce

Summer break is winding down in Minnesota and most other states, and kids are heading back to school. Whether a particular household includes elementary age students, high schoolers or collegians, if parents have filed for divorce during summer break, the student or students in question may encounter numerous challenges as they return to their studies. Co-parents may have a few issues to work out, as well.

Career issues, abuse reportedly prompted this divorce

Many Minnesota spouses can relate to having sacrificed personal careers to support a partner's endeavors or to stay home to raise children. Such decisions can later prompt requests for spousal support if a divorce occurs. Former Guess model Sarah Mutch says she gave up a successful modeling career to be fully available to travel with her famous realtor husband, Kurt Rappaport, and to help him take care of his three children.

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