How to know it is time to call a divorce attorney

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It is a sad truth that a large proportion of marriages fail. Once a relationship is over, filing for divorce becomes the next step.

Some have difficulty identifying when their situation is no longer salvageable. After all, it is difficult to accept that what we believe to be unbreakable is no more. Consult with someone knowledgeable in divorce law once these signs appear.


When couples cannot get along, the easiest path is staying away from one another. While this strategy prevents arguments, it does nothing to heal the division. Marriage counseling often goes a long way toward mending rifts. When one spouse refuses professional help, that reconciliatory path is forever shut.


Healthy marriages disintegrate when husbands and wives start dishonoring one another. Lack of respect comes in many forms. Physical violence is forever intolerable. Other forms of incivility are not against the law. For instance, degrading the worth of a partner is not a crime. Still, such sentiments also erode the bond between spouses. Constant words of negativity may be a sign that the love is gone.


Cheating is a solid reason for leaving. Broken vows are violations that some are unable to forgive. Surreptitious texts or emails may be enough to convince a partner of infidelity. While uncomfortable, confronting the other person might provide validation. Hiding assets is another concern. The lack of trust developing from this action is often enough to end an otherwise happy union.

It is better to dissolve an unhealthy marriage than to stay. Recognize the signs of a broken one so that legal maneuvering can provide relief.

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