The role of a psychologist in custody disputes

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There are many families who go through child custody battles in the Minnesota area. It is important for all necessary information to be given to the court during these battles, which is why a forensic psychologist becomes so important.

How can the forensic psychologist help

In many instances of child custody battles, a lawyer or a judge will appoint a forensic psychologist. This individual gives a neutral evaluation of both sides of the argument. This helps some form of an agreement to be made between the two parties.

What does the evaluation help with?

The evaluation that a forensic psychologist produces can be beneficial if the court has run out of options. The judge wants another viewpoint before he or she determines the right path for the child and where the child should belong.

What is involved in the evaluation?

The forensic psychologist interviews both parents during the child custody evaluation. This will give information about personalities, mental well-being and more. An interview of the child is given as well to cover information about their interests and desires. Finally, there are interviews conducted with any external family members or others who know the family. These individuals can include teachers, close friends, community individuals, preachers, neighbors, babysitters and much more. There are also records such as mental health documentation and background checks that play a role in the evaluation.

Child custody battles are lengthy and can sometimes become ugly. That is why a forensic psychologist can prove to be extremely beneficial in making a fair determination of how custody should be divided. You may want to consult a family law attorney to guide you through the process of your child custody battle.

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