What is a neutral drop-off location and why do parents need one?

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During a divorce, many couples in Minnesota request joint custody so that both parents can spend time with the child. However, this can cause issues if the parents live far away and the child needs to be transported back and forth. If one parent doesn’t feel comfortable meeting the other parent in person, they might be able to choose a neutral drop-off location.

What is a neutral drop-off location?

A neutral drop-off location is a safe location where parents can drop off their children and the other parent can pick them up. A parent might wish to speak with their attorney to learn about neutral drop-off locations in their area. They can also search online or ask their local police station. In fact, police stations are often designated neutral drop-off locations.

Why might a person need a neutral drop-off location?

Child custody disputes can be tense, and if the parents are forced to interact with each other on a regular basis, they may start to argue with each other. One parent might even try to intimidate or threaten the other. If this happens, one of the parents may elect to drop off their child at a neutral location so that the parents don’t have to interact with each other.

Where can parents find assistance with child custody disputes?

A family law attorney may be able to help parents resolve matters of child custody, child support and visitation rights. By working directly with the parent, the attorney may help figure out the best situation for both the parent and the child. Additionally, they might be able to negotiate a child custody agreement with the other party. If necessary, the attorney may assist their client in seeking full custody.

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