Child custody modification in Minnesota

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It’s not uncommon for a child custody modification to occur between two divorced parents. As time goes on, and needs and circumstances change for the child, one or more parents may believe that a modification is best. These may include:

  • The child is in immediate danger
  • The child has expressed unwillingness to remain in their current residence
  • A parent is relocating due to work
  • One parent is preventing the other from seeing the child

An easier way to modify a custody order is if the parents agree on the modification. If the parents agree, the courts will often honor this agreement by approving the requested changes. All that needs to be done is for the parents to submit the changes to the judge that originally approved the first custody order to get the process started.

hearing is the second and more lengthier process when it comes to child custody modifications. A hearing is suited for parents who cannot come to an agreement on the child’s living arrangements.

In this case, the parents must go to court to ask the judge for the modification. The individual will need to fill out their local court form for a request to order and explain the reason for modification. It is important to show some change of circumstance as they are not likely to grant the modification otherwise.

Additionally, it’s also important to note that a judge will likely require the parents to see a mediator before granting a modification. This will allow the parents to discuss the modification at full length.

For parents who are currently dealing with a child custody battle, it’s important to have a trusted family attorney during the process. A family attorney can provide strong advocacy, provide an honest assessment of their case, and help parents with overall support to make the process much easier.

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