Child custody: Is Rob Kardashian an unfit parent?

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Many divorced parents in Minnesota understand how stressful it can be to fight over their children. Child custody litigation can be quite complex and emotionally draining when the relationship between parents is contentious. Several celebrity parents have also made news headlines regarding custody disputes, such as Blac Chyna, who has claimed that she believes Rob Kardashian has mental problems that impede his ability to properly care for their child.

Chyna and Kardashian have a 3-year-old daughter. Chyna says she has become increasingly concerned about Kardashian’s fitness as a parent. She has stated that witnesses have told her Kardashian is often depressed, does not leave his house and has made suicidal comments on more than one occasion. Chyna further stated that when Kardashian has parenting time with his daughter, he sends her places with a nanny or other caretaker because he himself is afraid to leave his home.

Kardashian filed an affidavit that rejects Chyna’s allegations. He wrote that he in no way suffers from mental illness and that he only stayed home to avoid paparazzi and negative commentary in the press. Kardashian has further stated that he believes Chyna’s comments are meant as a smear campaign to ruin his reputation as a good parent. He also flatly denies allegations of alcohol and drug abuse that Chyna made against him.

Child custody cases like this case can take weeks, even months, to resolve. Any Minnesota parent who wishes to defend him or herself against false allegations can seek immediate legal support from an experienced family law attorney. To the contrary, any parent who believes a co-parent is placing a child at risk and wishes the court to intervene to protect the child’s interests may do the same.

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