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When you got married, you no doubt believed your union would last a lifetime. No matter what issues transpired since then, if you later made a decision to file for divorce in Minnesota, you likely experienced mixed emotions. If you and your spouse get along well enough to settle things out of court, it might not take long to finalize the matter and begin your new lifestyle. However, if you have encountered challenges regarding property division, alimony or child custody, proceedings may take some time before a fair solution is determined.

Regarding alimony, the court often orders it on a temporary basis. Perhaps, you’re one of many spouses who sacrificed a personal career to be a full-time at-home parent. While you may not regret that decision, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will easily be able to make ends meet once you and your spouse are living in separate households.

It can be tough to re-enter the workforce, especially if many years have passed since you last held a paying job. Even if you have been working from home while raising your children, the income may not suffice if the work has been part time. Alimony is a means of obtaining financial provisions while you re-organize your finances and become financially independent.

When making decisions regarding spousal support, a family court judge will typically take several factors under consideration. The length of your marriage is pertinent, and the future earning potential of both you and your spouse is also something that may influence the court’s decision. During your marriage, you became accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and this is also an issue the court will consider when determining whether alimony is warranted, and if so, how much payments should be. If you plan to request alimony in a Minnesota divorce, it is best to be as informed as possible regarding state laws. Johnson Bigelbach Law, PLLC, is committed to helping you accomplish that goal as well as assist with all other aspects regarding your divorce.

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