Divorce less stressful with effective negotiation skills

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In Minnesota and beyond, many households will undergo major life changes in 2020. When a spouse files divorce papers, there are typically numerous issues that must be resolved. How long that takes depends on various factors, including how well the spouses in question get along and whether they are able to peacefully settle their differences. Unless both parties are willing to negotiate a fair settlement, things can get complicated and messy in court.

Not everyone is a skilled negotiator, which is why most spouses choose to hire an attorney to help protect their rights and interests while working toward a settlement. An effective negotiator is a good listener. He or she also knows that it is important to keep emotions in check and to speak in an articulate manner in terms that are easy for the other party to understand.

Another helpful negotiation tool is to know ahead of time what issues one plans to address during proceedings. It is a good idea to make a list to identify one’s interests and goals. The list can include anticipated problems regarding child custody issues, property division or other family law topics. As part of custody proceedings, a request for child support may also be appropriate.

A settlement in a Minnesota divorce can take several weeks or longer to achieve. Acting alongside an experienced family law attorney who is a skilled negotiator can help keep stress, time and cost to a minimum. An attorney can also clarify any confusion regarding applicable laws, especially as they concern child-related issues or asset and debt division guidelines.

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