Alimony: Important issue not often discussed in Minnesota

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In Minnesota and elsewhere, many married couples run their households on dual incomes. Then again, there are also a lot of spouses who sacrificed their careers in order to stay home and raise their families. In either case, if someone files for divorce, it may take some adjustment to level the playing field for them financially. This is why, in certain circumstances, a family court judge might order one spouse to pay alimony to the other.

A judge can order alimony on a temporary or permanent basis. The court has discretion to review cases on individual merit, then rule accordingly. The length of the marriage, established standard of living and numerous other factors typically come into play when a judge considers whether spousal support is warranted in a particular divorce.

Many times, a spouse who has previously stayed at home or worked from home during marriage may need to re-enter the outside workforce after divorce. Depending on many factors — such as educational background, experience and length of time out of the workforce — it can be difficult to secure new employment that provides income sufficient enough to make ends meet. Spousal support is a means to bridge the gap while the spouse works to reestablish financial stability following the divorce.

If you need alimony, you will have to prove it before a Minnesota family court. Johnson Bigelbach Law, PLLC, is committed to providing strong support to help you secure the best possible outcome. After analyzing budgets, expenses, income and additional issues, our experienced legal team can advocate on your behalf to protect your interests as you take steps toward adapting to a new lifestyle after divorce. To schedule a consultation, you can use the online contact form conveniently located on our website.

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