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As 2019 nears its end, many Minnesota married couples are making plans for the new year. Some may be starting new jobs or relocating. Others may be among those who have determined that their marital relationships are no longer sustainable, so they are filing for divorce. Many who are part of the latter group may be especially concerned about alimony.

Each state has its own guidelines regarding spousal support and divorce. It is critical that a concerned spouse clearly understands the laws of the state where he or she plans to file a petition. In some circumstances, spouses themselves may negotiate the terms of an alimony agreement. Other times, both spouses must defer to the court’s decision.

The court is typically willing to approve or order alimony when the economic effects of a divorce are unfair toward a particular spouse. For instance, if a spouse sacrificed a career to stay home and raise a family during marriage, it is logical to assume that the fully employed spouse is in a better position to sustain himself or herself after divorce. Especially if the marriage lasted 10 or more years and the at-home spouse has been out of the workforce that long, it can be quite challenging trying to secure gainful employment when resuming a single lifestyle.

A Minnesota family court judge can determine how much alimony a spouse must provide for his or her ex. This type of financial support is typically meant to be temporary until the receiving spouse is able to be financially independent. The court considers numerous factors when making such decisions, including whether the receiving spouse will be pursuing education or training to help him or her find a new job. A family law attorney can answer questions regarding post-divorce financial supplements and can provide support throughout proceedings.

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