Make teachers aware of your child custody plan

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It is not uncommon for students in Minnesota schools to come from single-parent households. In fact, some kids have parents who have divorced, then remarried and divorced again. It is important for co-parents to agree on a plan for child custody exchanges, especially when a pickup or drop-off is going to take place at a child’s school.

Not every co-parent relationship is amicable. In another state, the mother of a 5-year-old child recently asked police to intervene because her child had been missing for nearly a week. She and her mother believe the child’s father took her from her school.

If that occurred, it would mean that the father acted in direct violation of an existing court order temporarily depriving him of any custodial rights. This ruling reportedly stems from a drug test the court ordered the man to take, which he apparently failed. Police have issued a “be on the lookout” bulletin for the child but have not yet opened a missing person’s case. 

Minnesota parents will want to inform their children’s teachers and other adults who provide care throughout the day, so that they are fully aware of which parent is authorized to pick up a particular child from school, sports practice, dance lessons or other activity. This can help avoid child custody abductions because a teacher or coach, etc., can refuse to allow a parent to take a child if his or her custody rights have been restricted or removed by the court. An experienced family law attorney can help a concerned parent make sure that the terms of a proposed parenting arrangement are thorough; an attorney can also provide support if an urgent situation arises where a co-parent has disobeyed a court order. 

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