Divorce: Take one step at a time to cope

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Perhaps you thought that you would be able to resolve your marital problems. If you recently learned that your spouse was filing for a Minnesota divorce, the news might have hit you like a ton of bricks.  Now, whatever you might have imagined for your future is likely to change because you will no longer be sharing a household with the same person.

The emotional impact of divorce can be intense. Your initial reaction might be to beg your spouse to change his or her mind. You might feel compelled to speak negatively about your spouse when you tell your friends or family members what’s going on in your life. It’s typically best to avoid doing these things, especially if you have children who will no doubt be paying close attention to what you say and do as you and they adapt to a new lifestyle.

You will either be negotiating or litigating divorce-related issues, such as child custody, property division and other topics. It is best to take good care of yourself — eating right and sleeping well, even if you feel upset. The more together you look and confident you feel, the greater chance you’ll have of making sure you protect your rights and financial interests in court.

It is helpful to stay busy, to set goals and to devise a plan of action for achieving those goals. You definitely don’t have to have it all worked out overnight, but it is better to think and plan ahead than to walk into court without knowing what to expect or how to articulate your needs to the judge overseeing your divorce. Johnson Bigelbach Law, PLLC is an experienced Minnesota legal team who can address all aspects of divorce, including child custody matters, property division, alimony, visitation and child support. You do not have to go it alone, and can rest easy knowing that a highly skilled and competent legal team is acting on your behalf to seek a fair settlement and to make sure your children’s best interests are a central focus of proceedings as well.

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