Congresswoman Omar has filed for divorce in Minnesota

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Freshman U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is no stranger to having her name plastered across news headlines. Her political views and congressional activity often spark controversy. On a more personal level, Omar has once again made the news after recently filing for divorce in a Minnesota family court.

No two marriages are exactly the same, nor are any two divorces. However, many spouses can relate to certain issues in each others’ circumstances. For instance, infidelity is often a key factor when spouses seek to end a marriage. In Omar’s case, she is accused of having an affair with one of her political aides and strategists.

The aide is also going through a divorce and his wife has told the court she believes her husband placed his son and stepdaughter at great risk by exposing them to Omar. She cited the fact that a person was arrested who was accused of trying to assassinate Omar. Omar, who has three children with her husband, has requested shared physical and legal custody in her own case.

Omar has also said that she trusts the Minnesota court to determine a fair and equitable division of marital property in her divorce. Children’s safety, infidelity and property division are often central topics for spouses who wish to end their marriage. Anyone in this state who is currently in need of guidance regarding such issues can request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney for support. A lawyer can determine a best course of action to help a spouse/concerned parent protect financial interests, as well as propose a settlement agreement that is best for any children involved.

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