To believe or not believe: The things you hear about divorce

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It is one thing to have a friend in Minnesota who shares personal stories about a recent marital breakup. However, it’s quite another issue to take that divorce talk as legal advice, especially if that particular friend has no background in family law. Many people have been led astray by believing myths or accepting misguided information rather than securing legitimate legal support.

For instance, some people think that if they keep money in separate bank accounts during a marriage, then they are entitled to all the assets in their own accounts if they divorce. This is not necessarily not true, especially in states that operate under community property laws. This state, like most others, is an equitable distribution state, meaning the court determines a fair division of assets in divorce.

Another common myth is that mothers automatically get custody of their kids when they divorce. Nowadays, many dads have custody as well. The court reviews each family situation on a case-by-case basis and a parent’s gender is not typically a determining factor that would influence a custody decision.

There does not always have to be someone at fault in divorce, either. Many Minnesota couples simply determine that their differences are not resolvable and that they would rather sever their marital ties than remain in unhappy relationships. The point is that no one should take a friend’s opinion or rely on random chatter regarding state laws. An experienced family law attorney is not only well-versed in such laws, but can also help protect a client’s parental rights and financial interests during divorce proceedings.

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