How to navigate the back-to-school season after divorce

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Many Minnesota parents have just finished enjoying summer break with their kids. Most children are now back in school and those whose parents filed for divorce over summer may have some challenges ahead during the new school year. Co-parents, as well, may be unsure as to how to handle certain school issues now that they are no longer living under the same roof.

One of the best things parents can do for their kids after divorce is to show them that they have their best interests in mind. Regarding their school lives, this might mean being willing to attend meet-the-teacher night or other school events at the same time rather than trade events with one parent attending one time, with the other attending the next event. Children who know that their parents are willing to be in the same room together for their sake may have an easier time adjusting to divorce as they head back to school.

A concerned parent can tap into school resources to make sure a specific child is doing OK. A school guidance counselor, a homeroom teacher or even the principal can monitor a child’s progress and let a parent know if there’s a problem. It’s always best, of course, if the parent in question informs the faculty ahead of time that there has been a divorce, so they know to watch for signs of distress in the children of that particular household.

Every school district has a transportation department. If a child’s transportation plan changes because of divorce, his or her parent can touch base with school officials to make sure everyone involved understands the new plan. If a Minnesota parent encounters challenges regarding legal issues, such as a co-parent who is ordered to supervised visitation only showing up to school to try to pick up the kids, an experienced family law attorney can provide needed guidance and support as to how to resolve such problems.

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