How to navigate back-to-school season after divorce

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Summer break is winding down in Minnesota and most other states, and kids are heading back to school. Whether a particular household includes elementary age students, high schoolers or collegians, if parents have filed for divorce during summer break, the student or students in question may encounter numerous challenges as they return to their studies. Co-parents may have a few issues to work out, as well.

No matter what ages students happen to be, moving on in life after a major disruption is always easier if there is a strong support network in place. For those in school, guidance counselors, professors, teachers and coaches are great sources of support. Parents themselves may find it comforting to talk to other parents who have gone through similar experiences.

It is always best to inform teachers and other adults who interact with kids at school about divorce ahead of time. This helps prepare them so they can closely observe the children in case any signs of trouble coping happen to arise. Teachers should also know which parent is picking up kids after school, as well as where to send notes home.

Certain school activities may catch a newly divorced parent off guard, such as if a student is asked to bring in a family photo to share with the class. One mother resolved this problem by sending two separate photos, one that included the kids and their father and the other, herself with her children. She later said her son was happy to have his whole family represented. If a divorce issue is somehow impeding a parent’s or child’s ability to enjoy the school year, a consultation can be requested with an experienced Minnesota family law attorney for guidance and support.

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