Career issues, abuse reportedly prompted this divorce

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Many Minnesota spouses can relate to having sacrificed personal careers to support a partner’s endeavors or to stay home to raise children. Such decisions can later prompt requests for spousal support if a divorce occurs. Former Guess model Sarah Mutch says she gave up a successful modeling career to be fully available to travel with her famous realtor husband, Kurt Rappaport, and to help him take care of his three children.

Mutch later decided to file for divorce, however, supposedly after learning that Rappaport was not interested in having any children with her. She says there is a signed prenuptial agreement that entitles her to receive more than $40,000 per month for half the duration of the marriage, which, in this case, would be eight months. Mutch says she has no independent funds with which to provide for her financial needs because she stopped working to support her husband’s career and lifestyle.

As is often the case in a Minnesota divorce, the other spouse involved in this situation disagrees with his wife’s assessment. In fact, Rappaport has filed a police report stating that Mutch is lying about him in order to commit extortion. He says she threatened to say whatever she had to say to get as money from him as she can.

Both spouses have also accused each other of abuse. The former model says she used to lock herself in a room to escape her husband’s emotional abuse. He told police his wife was often physically violent in their relationship. Anyone in Minnesota facing similar complicated divorce issues will want to ask  an experienced family law attorney to protect his or her interests in court.

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