Starting afresh after divorce

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Life is definitely a series of changes. Some are exciting; others, not so much. In fact, sometimes life situations can be seem to get the better of us. Divorce is like that for many Minnesotans, which is why it’s a good idea to know where to seek support and how to develop coping skills if you and your spouse decide to go your separate ways.

One of the first logical steps to take to come to terms with a divorce is to recognize that some days will be better than others. There are often strong emotions on both sides and it’s always best to allow feelings to naturally unfold rather than try to sweep emotions under a rug. This is especially true where children are involved because their emotions often fluctuate, sometimes by the hour.

Co-parents must continue to interact because of their children; however, a parent need not allow an ex to draw him or her into arguments during every in-person meeting. It is okay to restrict correspondence to text or email if an ex refuses to communicate in a peaceful fashion. If a particular problem is causing stress or raises legal concerns, a parent can tap into support resources to help find as swift and fair a solution as possible.

As time passes after divorce, some people have difficulty allowing themselves to feel happy or to participate in their favorite activities again. Not only is it okay, it may help bring about healing and a fresh perspective in life. It is also a good idea for Minnesota parents to stay closely connected to their support networks, in case any type of legal obstacle arises.

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