Child custody trouble still brewing between Jenelle Evans and mom

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Reality TV fans in Minnesota and elsewhere may be familiar with the personal problems that “Teen Mom 2” star, Jenelle Evans, has been experiencing. Evans has been entangled in a child custody battle with her mother for some time now. She and her second husband had custody for a while, then the court took Evans’ children away, as well as her 11-year-old stepdaughter.

Evans says the situation has pretty much destroyed her relationship with her own mom. She and David Eason, her current spouse, recently called 911 when they were reportedly having a FaceTime session with Evans’s older son and an incident erupted in the background. It seems that the parents could hear their 2-year-old daughter screaming in apparent distress.

Evans’s son said the child had been locked in a bedroom by his grandmother, who did it so that she could take a shower. Eason told the 911 dispatcher that he not only wanted rescue workers to go help the child get free but also wanted the incident reported to Child Protective Services. Evans and Eason say they are continuing their fight to try to regain custody of all their children. 

Minnesota judges make child custody decisions with children’s best interests in mind. They take various factors into consideration before ruling on which parent or grand-parent or other adult should have physical or legal custody of kids. Some cases, such as that of Jenelle Evans, take months, even years to resolve. Finding solutions to child-related legal issues is typically easier when one acts alongside experienced legal guidance and support.

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