Mainstream media may help encourage victims of domestic violence

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Minnesota residents likely keep up with the daily news in some form or another. Newspapers, television broadcasts and online outlets help people stay up to date on current affairs. The nation as a whole has seen a spike in reports of domestic violence, and this may be partially due to recent news coverage involving well-known people facing similar issues. 

A national hotline that provides help for domestic violence victims has reported an increase in activity over the past year. The National Domestic Violence Hotline provides several ways for a victim to seek help. A victim can call or chat online with a representative that will help the person escape domestic abuse. 

It is not unusual for a victim to feel too afraid to speak up. Last year, the hotline saw an increase of 36% in calls and chats. Some experts reason that news coverage about domestic violence has encouraged frightened victims to speak up and get help. Law enforcement takes domestic violence allegations very seriously, and Minnesota victims should know that the law will help bring an abuser to justice and provide a victim with resources that can help him or her recover. 

When a victim comes forward against an abuser, he or she may be nervous about having to testify in court. In many cases, a compassionate attorney that has experience with domestic violence cases can lend a hand. An attorney can help ensure that a victim’s rights are protected throughout the legal process and stand by a victim as he or she holds his or her abuser accountable for his or her violent actions. 

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