Are you prepared to help your children cope with divorce?

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When family dynamics change, it often causes disruption and stress in children’s lives. However, not all changes are unwelcome, and not all stress is inherently bad. For instance, if a person lands his or her dream job but has to relocate, it may cause short-term stress and disruption, but in the long run, it is a good thing. Divorce changes children’s lives, and it can take some time for them to cope; nevertheless, most Minnesota children and others across the country are resilient and adaptable.

Parents’ input, encouragement and support are key factors to helping kids navigate divorce and move on in life. It is crucial for a parent to realize that each child may react differently when told his or her parents are planning to sever their marital ties. Most kids are able to bounce back if their parents help them maintain a sense of normalcy, structure and routine in their daily lives.

Parental conflict, on the other hand, can be a big downfall, as it this type of stress tends to cause children major setbacks in their coping abilities. If co-parents are always fighting and kids overhear their arguments (or are used as messengers or human pawns to commit acts of revenge) they may feel confused, worried or angry much of the time. Such high levels of stress can wind up causing physical health problems.

A Minnesota parent who wants to provide strong support to his or her children in divorce will allow them to express their thoughts freely, assuring them that it is okay to feel upset or sorrowful. Parents who keep conflict to a minimum have a greater chance of helping their children cope in a positive, healthy manner. If a particular parent feels unable to resolve a specific issue on his or her own, a consultation with an experienced family law attorney can provide much-needed guidance and support.

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