Devise a child custody plan that helps you avoid summer problems

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No Minnesota parent is guaranteed that he or she will never encounter challenges regarding child-related issues in life. In fact, most parents will, at some point. A particularly stressful time can be summer, especially following a recent divorce. That is why it pays to implement a child custody agreement that is thoroughly written, with terms that are clearly defined.

Some parents would rather just decide where their kids are going to live and how much each parent will contribute toward financial needs. They want to sign the most basic custody plan available, say their good-byes and move on in life after divorce. However, not taking time to discuss summer months, especially if both parents work outside the home, can lead to complicated legal issues that are difficult to resolve.

Co-parents must work as a team; therefore, they must be willing to share their ideas regarding traveling during summer, any activities they want their kids to do, such as going to camp or participating in sports, and who will take care of their children while they are at work. Negative surprises can be avoided if both parents are willing to discuss their ideas ahead of time and cooperate with each other to help each parent fulfill his or her plan. On the contrary, unwillingness to compromise or talk about potential summer plans can spark discord and serious legal problems as well.

Critical tips for keeping summertime child custody stress at bay include putting all terms and instructions in writing, obtaining an official court order that includes summer co-parenting plans, and being willing to peacefully resolve any problems that arise. An experienced Minnesota family law attorney can step in to advocate on a concerned parent’s behalf if he or she is unable to resolve a particular problem alone. If litigation is necessary, an attorney who is well-versed in family law is ready to go to bat to protect a parent’s rights in court.

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