Jennifer Hudson in bitter battle over child support

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Celebrities often seem larger than life; however, outside of their jobs in film or on stage, they are people like everyone else, and they have private lives that often include marriage and parenting. Also, just like non-celebrity parents, famous moms and dads often face child support and other custody problems. Minnesota fans of television singing competitions may remember the 2004 season of American Idol that began Jennifer Hudson’s rise to fame. The actress and singer is currently discussing her own celebrity status and income in court because of a heated disagreement she is having with the father of her child.

Hudson was never married to her child’s father. She has been outspoken about laws that allow him to use a portion of the child support payments she sends to pay for housing. She says he is perfectly capable of earning enough income to pay for his own home.

Hudson is likely not the only celebrity mom who earns a higher income than her child’s father. In fact, there may be Minnesota parents who can relate to this case, as well. Hudson reportedly stated that having a child with a celebrity should not mean that the less-famous parent is automatically entitled to housing subsidies.

If a Minnesota parent is currently entangled in a bitter child support dispute, it is a good idea to reach out for legal support, preferably from a family law attorney who has extensive litigation experience. There are state guidelines and other factors the court will typically take into consideration before ruling on custody issues. However, a judge has the discretion to decide each case by its own merit, and an experienced attorney knows how to advocate to protect a parent’s rights, as well as a child’s best interests.

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