NFL’s Antonio Brown petitions court for child custody

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Most Minnesota parents who face legal issues regarding child-related matters are not celebrities. However, some may relate to a situation that a particular sports celebrity is currently navigating. The NFL Steelers’ wide receiver, Antonio Brown, has filed paperwork in court to seek sole child custody of his daughter, following an incident where he says the child’s mother falsely accused him of domestic violence.

Brown’s attorney issued several public statements to clarify the situation. He said the child’s mother had gone to Brown’s residence demanding more child support. She reportedly refused to leave the premises when asked to do so and later filed a police report accusing of Brown of domestic violence but recanted the statement because it held no merit.

Following that incident, Brown apparently decided to sue the child’s mother for physical and legal custody of their daughter. Many family law judges have overseen cases involving false accusations of substance abuse, child abuse or spousal abuse. In such situations, the court typically orders an investigation to determine whether there is evidence to substantiate a claim. The court does not take kindly to statements made under false pretenses.

In Brown’s case, his child’s mother apparently recanted the statement she had filed at a police station. It will now be up to the judge overseeing Brown’s request for child custody to determine what is in the child’s best interests. Any Minnesota parent in need of guidance regarding a similar issue can reach out for legal support from an experienced family law lawyer at any time.

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