Understanding the effect trauma can have on a military divorce

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If you are going through a divorce with your military spouse, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed by the process. Many of us learn new sides to a person whom we thought we knew intimately, and learning that your spouse will no longer be there for you in times of need can be extremely tough.

Divorcing a military spouse can often be a catalyst for psychological triggers due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a disorder that is, unfortunately, very common for members of the military. If you are going through a divorce with someone who is suffering from PTSD, it is important to understand the ways that this can affect the process of divorce.

What are the main symptoms of PTSD

A person who is suffering from PTSD has experienced a traumatic event in their lives. This means that they have a difficult time processing the deeply traumatic event, and, as a result, they can suffer from flashbacks, anxiety, depression, and being triggered when they are reminded of aspects of the traumatic event.

Why can a divorce be so difficult for a PTSD sufferer?

When a person is suffering from PTSD, certain unpleasant experiences can be enough to trigger them. For example, the feeling of loss might be a trigger if they experienced the death of a person or were abandoned in some way. Therefore, a spouse who is suffering from PTSD may react in an extreme way if they are served papers for a divorce. This is because they may be triggered by their past. While anyone would be upset by the news of a divorce, a person suffering from PTSD may start suffering from extreme panic attacks or go into a deep depression.

How can I get support to handle a divorce with my spouse?

If you are struggling to successfully handle your divorce as a military spouse, it is important to know that there is military mediation and counseling services available while you are still married.

By attending counseling sessions and learning more about the military divorce process, you will be better equipped to handle your divorce successfully.

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