Miguel Cabrera ordered to pay $20,000 per month in child support

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Many Minnesota married couples fight over money. In some situations, extenuating circumstances intensify such personal problems, such as when spouses are discovered to be giving money to other romantic partners in extramarital affairs. Major League Baseball’s Miguel Cabrera almost lost his wife to divorce for similar issues; however, she ultimately decided to stay married in spite of her husband’s infidelity. Some say that the fact that Cabrera chose staying with his wife over leaving her for his mistress is what prompted the ex-mistress to sue him for child support.

The woman in question gave birth to two children during her affair with the MLB star. His paternity of the children was established when she filed a lawsuit against him. The woman’s attorney told the court that she was doing what most good mothers would do in trying to protect her children’s best interests.

Cabrera’s attorney offered an entirely different perspective. He told the court that the ex-mistress was an extortionist who was trying to take revenge against her former lover because she was angry that he chose to stay with his current wife instead of leaving his marriage for her. The judge agreed, however, that in light of all the evidence presented in court, Cabrera should be ordered to provide financial support to the children he fathered during his affair.

The court order handed down states that the MLB star, who happens to be one of the highest paid professional baseball players, will pay $20,000 per month in child support. He must also pay off the million-dollar home he purchased for his then mistress and provide extra financial perks to his kids, such as annual passes to Disney and other luxuries he regularly gives the children he has with his wife. If a Minnesota parent needs guidance regarding complicated child support problems, he or she may request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney.

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