How to avoid being in contempt of court in a divorce case?

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Most people have something that make them see red and lose their cool. One place where even the most easygoing person can be tempted to act out is family court. In divorce proceedings, the judge may give such detailed instructions of what may and may not be done, that the recipient of the message may feel like he or she is in kindergarten.  Despite how this makes a person feel, Minnesota divorcees can only benefit from adhering to these court orders.

Not following the orders may result in a finding of contempt of court. This literally means that a person has failed to adhere to an order handed down by a judge. In the case of divorce, issues which commonly lead to contempt relate to custody, withholding financial information and ignoring restraining orders. Depending on the underlying issue, judges may give a person in contempt some time to rectify the issue, but not adhering may result in fines and even jail time.

When it comes to child custody, judges take interference in such matters very seriously. Any interference by any party to a family court proceeding may result in a contempt of court ruling. Disregard of custody orders may even influence custodial and visitation rights.

In terms of financial issues, a person may be held in contempt if he or she refuses to hand over required financial documents. Wilfully failing to pay the ordered child support is also seen as a form of financial disregard of a court order. Lastly, where protective or restraining orders have been issued, a violation may not only be seen as contempt of court, but also as a crime.

The best thing to do is to adhere to the orders of a court. Minnesota divorcees who are not satisfied with the terms of their divorce may benefit from consulting with a family law lawyer. It is important to realize that it is better to follow the legal way to get a divorce order modified rather than bumping heads with a judge.

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