Divorce: mistakes it may be wise to avoid

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Thinking with one’s head and not one’s heart is not always an easy thing to do, especially when the decision one has to make involves strong emotions. One instance where it is imperative to avoid making emotional decisions is during the divorce process. The problem is that many emotionally charged factors, such as child support and custody, can make matters more difficult.

Of course, divorce is also legally challenging. Minnesota divorcees may benefit by being aware of a few possible mistakes to avoid. First, guidelines and decisions made with regard to custody must always be respected. Disregarding legal rulings in terms of visitation and or child support may have detrimental repercussions and can even lead to a loss of visitations or even custodial rights.

Second, decisions regarding the division of marital property generally aim at ensuring both parents are equally positioned. The sooner one accepts this fact, the better. It’s also wise to avoid using social media to get to an ex, as the posts might be seen by the children, or even come up in court. Another mistake to avoid is to ignore the fact that a child may only be listed as dependent by one parent on a tax return. Be sure this matter is specifically addressed as part of the agreement reached.

The last mistake is to think that a Minnesota divorce lawyer is unnecessary. Divorce is a complex legal matter and becomes even more so when children are involved. A lawyer plays an integral part in protecting a client’s legal and parental rights, and it simply makes good sense to rely upon effective professional assistance during negotiations.   

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