Child custody: Awareness for child support raised in August

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Children need their families to act as a unit in order to thrive. The month of August is to be focused on creating awareness for the importance of supporting children. The physical and emotional needs of children should be a priority no matter the dynamics of the child’s family within which they grow up. Creating awareness among Minnesota parents regarding the importance of child custody arrangements in establishing a feeling of security in their children is one focal point.

While the main aim of the Division of Child Support of the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) is to ensure that children are supported financially, there is an understanding for the dilemmas parents may face. A number of reasons may prohibit parents meeting their financial obligations, although they may really want to do so. Parents may not be able to meet their obligations due to being homeless, unemployment or past legal troubles.

It is important that child custody support orders evenly match the income of the relevant parent. At the same time, it is just as important that children spend enough time with both parents to bond. In order to assist parents who find it difficult to meet their financial obligations toward their children, the DSHS has a program focused on finding alternative solutions to the problem faced by the parent.

A Minnesota divorcee who finds it difficult to meet his or her obligation may find it advisable to consult with an experiences family law specialist regarding a modification of a child custody or support order. Courts will consider a modification in circumstances such as the birth of another biological child, changes in income, a child becoming a teenager, and even changes in expenses such as daycare or medical expenses. Alternative solution programs may ensure that a solution to the problem can be found.

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